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Welcome to the PixelTools store. All PixelTools products and upgrade purchases include 6 months of free tech support and product upgrades. Additional tech support and upgrades are available under a PixelTools maintenance agreement. Contact us for volume pricing and information on custom development options for any of our products. You can purchase our products using our safe and secure online ordering system. Please send us any comments on how we can improve our store. Thanks Pixzel Newton


MPEGRepairHDĀ® is a versatile MPEG encoding utility designed for professional users to increase the work flow of video production. MPEGRepair HD now includes Nielsen Commercial Watermarking and Analysis. MPEGRepairHD encodes faster than real-time HD content. The extensive analysis and repair functions of the utility make it a virtual MPEG post production workshop. MPEGRepairHD new single pass transcoding can change frame sizes, bit-rate, modify header flags, filter frames or even add logos to an existing MPEG stream. Includes all of the features of Expert-Caption and Expert-HD. Windows Only
New version 8 of Expert-CaptionĀ® has a new easy to use interface to perform the caption insertion and caption verification processes with the push of just one button. New CEA-
608 to 708 conversion assures accurate 708 representation of the 608 captions in the output stream. New display windows render captions exactly as they will appear on decoders so you can QA your captions before shipping. The caption insertion process has been speed up by a factor of 2.

ExpertHD encodes files into high quality MPEG, AVC and HEVC video. Supports insertion of CEA-708 and 608 captions into the stream during encoding and open captioning. Versatile controls enable quality encoding optimization. Runs in the batch mode. Tool includes all of the encoding capability of MPEGRepairHD. Windows Only
Expert Broadcast
Expert-Broadcast is an MPEG export plug-in to Adobe Premiere that exports broadcast compliant Transport/Program streams with embedded 708/608 closed captioning directly from the time line. Windows Only.
Expert-Mux combines multiple MPEG video streams with MPEG, AAC, DTS or AC3 audio streams into a fully synchronized MPEG transport, MPEG-2 program, or MPEG-1 system stream. Expert-Mux also demultiplexes multiplexed streams into their elementary components. The tool includes a new batch processing control enabling you to batch process multiple jobs by drag and drop of the elementary files. The tool can also multiplex HEVC and AVC files into transport streams with the addition of the HEVC/AVC plug-in. Windows Only
Upgrade MPEGRepairHD
Latest version includes all of the features of Expert-Caption 7.1 including new drag and drop. New drag and drop interface and preset configurations for effortless tool operation. Embeds Open Captions defined in .SCC files into video during encoding.
Upgrade to Expert-HD
Upgrade to Expert-HD version 7.1 that includes accurate Closed Caption and Open Caption insertion from transcribed text files and new drag and drop interface.

All our products as optimized for the Microsoft Windows environment. Our SDK also runs on Mac and Unix. HDProQT is Mac only.