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Welcome to the PixelTools store. All PixelTools products and upgrade purchases include 6 months of free tech support and product upgrades. Additional tech support and upgrades are available under a PixelTools maintenance agreement. Contact us for volume pricing and information on custom development options.

MPEGRepairHD is a stand alone GUI/batch video encoding/decoding/analyzing application for MPEG, AVC (H.264), or HEVC (H.265). The tool includes Nielsen Commercial Watermarking and Analysis. All of the features of Expert-Caption and Expert-HD are included in the tool.
Expert-Mux™ is a stand alone GUI/batch application that combines multiple MPEG, AVC or HEVC video streams with MPEG, DTS, AAC, PCM, or AC3 audio streams into a fully compliant Transport or Program stream. The tool can also split multiplexed streams into elementary components. Drag and Drop batch mode allows the creation of batch lists for controlling the muxing of multiple file combinations.
ExpertHD® is a stand alone GUI/batch application that encodes MPEG, AVC and HEVC video. The tool includes all of the encode features of MPEGRepairHD
Expert-Caption is a stand alone GUI/batch application that inserts closed captioning into MPEG and AVC streams without transcoding. The tool includes captioning analysis, extraction, removal, debugging, and caption repair capabilities.
Expert Broadcast
Expert Broadcast exporter Plug-In to Adobe Premiere that utilizes the high quality PixelTools MPEG encoder and can embed closed captioning into video in compliance with broadcast requirements.
HEVC AVC Transport Muxing Plug-in
HEVC AVC Transport Muxing Plug-in adds HEVC and AVC transport multiplexing to PixelTools applications.
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All our products as optimized for the Microsoft Windows environment. Our SDK also runs on Mac and Unix.